Emma Hix’s New Video “Blonde Makes Juan Fuck Her Hard”

Bang Bros has a new video starring Emma Hix. It was published on Jan 23rd under the name “Blonde Makes Juan Fuck Her Hard”.

Emma Hix traveled to L.A and is staying at someones house for a the night. This horny chick didn’t even wait 5 minutes after he left to start masturbating with her toy. Juan shockingly walks in on her and she calms him down. She tells him that she knows he enjoyed that and has him continue using her toy on her pussy. She gives Juan a good bj before she takes his bare cock inside her. She looks great taking every inch from different positions until she takes his load inside her mouth.

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Members of Bang Bros will be having fun with this one! Plus there was already at least 1 videos in their Emma Hix portfolio at the time of writing this. But to start there should be a trailer here.

Emma Hix Loves the Big Cock in Her Tight Pussy!

by Brazzers

Everything was going just great for Keiran since his new girlfriend moved in. There just one thing he forgot – he told his girlfriend her daughter Emma could stay with them while she gets back on he feet. The only problem it seems like he can’t get seem to avoid her in his own house. His wife tells him that it might just be a blessing in disguise while she’s around. Keiran finally finds out just how much of a blessing after Emma can’t quite satisfy herself playing with her pussy. So, naturally she decides to sneak into Keiran’s room to try and get a piece of that big dick for herself.

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New Video “Caught Masturbating In The Woods” Featuring Emma Hix

Emma Hix is being featured in a new video over at Girls Way together with Abella Danger. It was published on Dec 31st under the name “Caught Masturbating In The Woods”.

Emma Hix is wandering the woods and hears a strange sound coming from close by. Curious, she tries to get a closer look. Abella Danger is alone in the woods masturbating. She’s having the time of her life and has no idea that someone has just spotted her. Emma can’t help but get turned on. After all, Abella is smoking hot and is naked right in front of her. Figuring she could have some fun too, she starts touching herself. But it isn’t long before Abella senses someone lurking behind her. She calls outs asking, ‘who’s there?’ and Emma is caught. With nowhere to run, she apologizes saying she was just on a hike. But Abella is not buying it. She knows she was watching her as she pulls her down beside her. Emma is a little embarrassed having been caught but Abella doesn’t care. The way she sees it, she now has someone to help her finish off what she started. Emma’s not sure since they’re strangers, but the truth is that she’s enjoying herself just as much as Abella. Abella takes off her shirt and starts sucking on her tits. They kiss and it seems like it’s time for Emma’s little shorts to come off. Forgetting about the world around them, they lose themselves in each other’s pussy juices. Looks like the girls will be taking more hikes together in the future!

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Emma Hix: Caught Masturbating In The Woods - 1

Emma Hix: Caught Masturbating In The Woods - 2

Emma Hix: Caught Masturbating In The Woods - 3

Emma Hix: Caught Masturbating In The Woods - 4

Emma Hix: Caught Masturbating In The Woods - 5

If you’re a member of Girls Way then have fun with the full update! If not there is a trailer here.